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Eight Shelter Dogs Safe!

Edgar, Oscar, Leo, Rascal, Pearl, Goldie, Bertha, and Buster were strays at a local shelter. When nobody came looking for them, their lives were on the line. Thankfully, the shelter contacted the Humane Society of Roane County. The rescue jumped into action and pulled the dogs into safety. We were asked to sponsor their wellness exams, rabies vaccines, flea treatments, and health certificates in preparation for a northbound transport. $326 well spent! All of the dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Campbell County Animal Shelter Animals Get Our Help with $857.37

Clifford was taken to the shelter as a stray in October of last year. The staff immediately scheduled his neuter in preparation of finding his forever family. During his neuter, a mass was found in his throat. After biopsy and other testing, it was determined to be a fast growing, inoperable tumor. Clifford exhibited no symptoms even with a grim prognosis. He was immediately placed in hospice foster care and has been living his best life with his foster mom and dad until recently when he suddenly developed a worrisome and constant cough. He was taken to UT ER for evaluation and treatment of his symptoms. Clifford continues to live and love with his foster parents and foster siblings. We covered Clifford’s diagnostics and medication for $272.

Chuck was brought to the shelter as a stray, possibly hit by a car. He was found lying in a ditch and couldn’t stand. After several x-rays, it was determined that his spine and pelvis were broken. He received crate rest and was transferred to Small Breed Rescue of East TN for further evaluation and treatment. We covered his exam and x-rays for $90.

Darci was surrendered to the shelter after giving birth to one stillborn kitten in February. She was taken to the vet for evaluation after it was determined she may have a kitten stuck in the birth canal. Darci needed an emergency cesarean section and finally a spay. None of her kittens survived. This beautiful girl is in foster and is recovering nicely. We paid her vet services, which cost $495.37.

HPAN Helps 14 Animals with $1,776.22

All of these beautiful animals were either strays or surrendered and landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue. We had the opportunity to help cover veterinary services ranging from wellness exams and preventive medicine to spays/neuters and wound care. We have covered other vet services for some of these animals in the last few weeks, and now their series of pre-adoption vet care is complete!

HPAN Helps Heal Meredith’s Heart with $475

Meredith landed at the Anderson County Animal Shelter before she was taken in by Double Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, she had heartworms, caused by a single mosquito bite. The rescue asked us to sponsor her treatments. We were glad to pay the fee and get her on a path to wellness. Meredith is recovering in foster care, and then she will be transported to Connecticut, if not adopted locally.

River Gets Heartworm Treatment with HPAN’s Help

This is the second time River has shown up on our blog. We had the opportunity to sponsor his neuter when he was passed from the Campbell County Animal Shelter to Rockin’ Community Cats because, as we’ve said before, they love dogs, too. Last week we got to sponsor his heartworm treatment for $245. River is under strict rest in foster care. He will be available for adoption in about six weeks!

HPAN Helps Georgia Live with $1,000

Some may think that $1,000 is an awful lot to pay on a cat’s medical bill, but our mission is to help rescue groups and shelters with animals that need help. Georgia needed our help. She was surrendered to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter after being hit by a car. A volunteer rushed her to the Animal ER for assessment. Georgia sustained a back leg injury and internal injuries, but she was expected to live, so the rallying for support began. Because Georgia’s bills mounted to over $3K, we were able to contribute $1K. Georgia is now in foster care and recovering. She will eventually be available for adoption to a screened and approved individual who will keep her inside and safe.

Stan Gets Relief with $500 Sponsorship

Stan landed in Best Friends Sanctuary of Jamestown, TN as a stray. He had a damaged and infected eye that had to be removed, giving him much relief. The rescue asked us to help them on the $1,000 bill. Gladly, we said! We think his new name should be One-Eyed Willy!

Six Rescue Animals Sponsored with $793.50

Sissy and Lucias were lucky strays that landed with Almost Home Animal Rescue, and the others were owner surrenders to the rescue. We were able to pay for their needed exams/testing, vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and some emergency boarding. Hopefully, better lives are ahead for all of these beautiful animals.

HPAN Sponsors $5,789.48 in Vet Bills

The Friends of Campbell County, Tennessee Animals is a non-profit organization running the municipal shelter in Campbell County. Much of their budget is used on animal control services, building maintenance, insurance, etc. Unfortunately, adoption fees do not cover the amount of specialized vetting needed when animals are brought in sick and broken. That’s where we come in. We had the opportunity this week to pay vet bills for a LOT of the shelter animals. Pictured are some of them. This eases the burden on the non-profit staff and increases their ability to continue assisting other small animals coming in with big needs.

Cuddles and Taze Get Our Help with $912.75

These two were part of a pack of 11 Chihuahuas surrendered to the Blount County Animal Welfare Society when their owner passed away. They had horrible teeth causing infection in their mouths. This required dentals and medication. These little ones will be heading north as soon as they are healed.