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HPAN Sponsors Dude’s Surgery with $300

Dude was caught in a trap and lost a foot. Thankfully, he found himself turned in to the Campbell County Animal Center. The vet determined that amputation was needed. We sponsored $300 of his surgery costs.

HPAN Helps Pay for Gus’ Eye Surgery with $300

Gus came to the East TN Pit Bull Rescue with eyelids turned inward to the point that his eyelashes were scratching his cornea and causing pain. A simple but expensive surgery can fix it, and Gus is worth it, so we kicked in about half the cost.

HPAN Sponsors Louie with $222.32

Louie was very sick when the Loudon County Friends of Animals took him under their wing. He was rushed to a vet and diagnosed with a urinary tract infection so severe that he needed fluids, medicine, blood work, and an overnight stay. We were asked to sponsor his care, and he’s now recovering in a foster home.

HPAN Helps Get Charlie Fixed up with $230

Charlie was an owner surrender to the Campbell County Animal Shelter.  He was not the friendliest, was very withdrawn, and he had heartworms.  After a couple weeks of TLC at the shelter, Charlie was placed in a medical foster home until his heartworm treatment and recovery were complete, which has taken 15 months.  Charlie has learned manners, knows what it is like to be loved, and is a perfect gentleman.  We sponsored the cost of his heartworm treatments and his neuter.

HPAN Sponsors Cleopatra, Hoss, Littles, and Murphy for $232

Cleo and her little family were surrendered to the Campbell County Animal Shelter because “she just kept having kittens.” Little Cleo will never again have to lose her home for having babies. We sponsored her spay and microchip, as well as neuters and chips for her babies.  

HPAN Helps Sadie with $156

Sadie has been with the East TN Pitbull Rescue for months. She came in with heartworms, and now that it’s time to address the issue, we paid a large portion of the bill so she will soon be ready for her own home.

HPAN Sponsors Injured Cat with $300

Stud Muffin was found as a stray with a broken hip, injured leg, covered in fleas, and his tail was skinned nearly to the bone. The Stray Connection took him in and had him put back together with $300.

HPAN Sponsors Skunk with $69

Skunk was a very small and sickly kitten found in Morgan County. Feral Feline Friends took him under their wing, and we sponsored his kitty vetting.

HPAN Sponsors another Heartworm Treatment for $300

Conrad was in a shelter where he had little chance of getting out. Thanks to Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue, he’s free! They asked us to sponsor heartworm treatment for Conrad, and it was our honor to help him get well.

HPAN Helps Blackie Get Well with $300

Blackie has a sad story. He was a stray for many months. He is missing an ear, and his back paw is pretty mangled. He’d also been shot many times. Blackie is a survivor, yet he couldn’t evade the trap set by the Humane Society of Roane County when they lured him in with tasty wet food. Blackie is now at the vet receiving wound care, and he’s been neutered and vaccinated. His bill is in the hundreds. We contributed $300 toward his care because he’s worth it!