About HPAN

Helping Paws Animal Network, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, strives to aid local animals (in Anderson and surrounding counties) in dire situations who are hungry, hurting or homeless. We pool our resources to assist verified rescue groups when funding is needed for food, shelter, vet services, boarding, etc.

We want to help every animal in need, but the needs exceed the means; therefore, we prioritize verified cases based on available funds at the time of the request, and no money is given directly to an individual or individual pet owner. We pay the veterinarian, the kennel or appropriate vendor, and/or purchase the required needs, such as food, supplies, or medicine.

We also serve as a network for electronically posting homeless animals and assist with spay/neuter costs prior to homing when needed and feasible. There are no obligations or expectations of our supporters, and we provide total transparency where funding is concerned.

This blog is our way of bringing our supporters closer to animals that they have helped with their donations. Each post will allow you to see and hear the stories.  It provides a resource that is accessible outside of Facebook for those who do not have Facebook accounts.

See our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/HelpingPawsAnimalNetwork

Please donate to help the animals using the PayPal link on the right. Use info@helpingpawsanimalnetwork.org as the recipient.


2 responses to “About HPAN”

  1. Robert lange says :

    Hello,I am looking for my 3yr old male malamute named Titus.He is
    neutered and chipped,weighs 105lbs.I live in Knoxville,Tn.He was last
    seen on Southern Roots Rescue in Knoxville.They told me that he never
    was brought in but they have his pictures and add on the web site.They
    told me he was in Missouri at a rescue.I and Sydney Sachs (TNMR) are
    trying to find him and bring him home.This all started on Feb
    12,2014.My ex fiance had him and she gave him away before contacting
    me to bring him back.Please help me find him.contact me at
    865-297-6939 if you know where he may be,I have attached his
    picture.Thank you for your time.

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