Two Dogs Get What They Deserve with $961 from HPAN

Annie was starving when the Blount County Animal Welfare Society (BCAWS) found her. One of the residents of a trailer park alerted the rescue to her condition. The owner was in jail for domestic abuse. His wife had moved to a different trailer and would come over to feed the dogs, except she didn’t feed Annie. With the small amount of money she had, she chose to feed the German shepherd instead. Annie had a couple of rough days at the vet. We helped cover her exam, blood work, x-rays, etc. for $500. Fortunately, she is much improved and will go to foster care to heal.

Callie came from a local drug den. Callie was surrendered to BCAWS when her owner went to jail. We paid for her vet exam, diagnostics, vaccines, and spay for $461.


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