HPAN Sponsors MAARC Dogs with $1500

The Maryville/Alcoa Animal Rescue Center (MAARC) recently took in three dogs in need of much vet care.

Harley, the Great Dane, was surrendered after his family suffered a house fire. They were forced to move where they could not take him. The rescue took him to the vet and found that he had heartworms. Lots of other vetting was needed, and we paid $500 toward his bill.

Blue, the hound, was found as a stray, nearly starving to death. He was full of parasites and also had heartworms. His vet care was extensive, and we contributed $500 toward his bill.

Rosie was found as a stray and had obviously been used as a breeding dog and likely dumped. She had an ovarian tumor the size of an orange. We contributed $500 toward her surgery bill.

All of these animals are making strides toward a better life thanks to the rescue and our supporters who make our sponsorships possible.

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