HPAN Helps Halos with $638 for Sick Puppies

A litter of puppies was found abandoned at the Anderson County Animal Shelter at 2 weeks of age, after the mother was hit by a car and killed.  Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue took them in, and fosters immediately began bottle feeding them.  They unfortunately lost two of the male puppies very quickly overnight.  At about 5 weeks of age, one of the other males in the litter began having upper respiratory problems and passed away within 15 minutes of arriving at the emergency vet. And most recently, the last male presented with upper respiratory problems and was rushed to Pellissippi Vet, where he also passed away within 15 minutes of arrival.  Halos volunteers are treating the three girls, Hope, Grace, and Faith with antibiotics and nebulizer breathing treatments. We paid a good portion of their vet bill.

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