HPAN Helps ETPBR with $500

The East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) has had some tough cases lately, causing a pile-up of vet bills. Mary Kay was a shelter dog scheduled for euthanasia due to her extensive skin issues when ETPBR had mercy on her. She spent 23 days in boarding with specialized medicine and medicated baths to address her problems. Olaf came into their rescue with every bone showing, a severe skin infection, and was heartworm-positive. The rescue continues to rack up expenses for his treatment. Zeus is a 6 month old pit who lived in a low spot in a yard on a tie out with a plastic crate for a dog house. Every time it rained… he would be huddled on top of that crate because there would not be an inch of ground showing and the crate would be full of water.  He had a nasty skin infection and ear infections as a result. He was bone skinny and full of parasites. He is now fully vetted, microchipped, and ready for his forever home. We are happy to help ETPBR by paying their vet for these needed services.


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