HPAN Purchases Kennels for ARI

At Risk Intervention (ARI), a short-term shelter, also known as the “Waystation,” in Knoxville, is one of two recipients of our 2018 capital improvement funds. They have been instrumental in helping thousands of animals over the last decade by serving as a “stop-over” for animals in rescue. Sometimes they go to ARI for an overnight stay, and sometimes they stay for a few weeks while they await a northbound transport, or when they are in need of confinement following treatment for injury or illness. ARI also sometimes serves as a pulling rescue from local shelters. Because they have been asked to take in several large breeds lately, they found themselves in need of some bigger kennels, so they asked for our help. We had the honor of purchasing two 10x6x5-foot kennels for the Waystation, as well as four additional gates, which enable them to divide the 10×5-foot runs into 5×5-foot runs when they need to house more dogs. The total cost for these items was $1020.

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