HPAN Helps Emergency Rescue Effort with $441

The Rockwood City Animal Shelter director resigned with no notice, leaving the shelter with no operating staff. The city ordered the shelter shut down and all animals euthanized if not out within hours. The Loudon County Friends of Animals (LCFOA) rallied troops and stepped in to pull nine cats. All the cats were taken straight to the vet for exams, diagnostic testing, and rabies vaccines. LCFOA treated them for fleas, ear mites, worms, and administered other vaccines. Only one cat, Miss Priss, was too sick to make it. All others are in foster care and will be adoptable as soon as they’ve all been spayed/neutered. We helped LCFOA with the needed costs for the initial services, and Greyson, Grizzly, Harry, Olga, Oreo, Raven, Thumbalina, and Twinkle will go on to live wonderful lives thanks to this great rescue.


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