HPAN Helps Two Mama Pitties with $600

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue (FFTBR) took in two female pit bulls recently, one pregnant, and one who’d just had babies.

Flower came from a shelter in Mississippi looking like she was about to pop. Shortly after her puppies were born she came down with a terrible fever and became lethargic. After many diagnostics, it was determined that she had a severe case of mastitis. Who wouldn’t after nursing so many pups?! She spent several days at the vet. We contributed $300 to her bill.

Kamari was rescued from Morgan County where someone found her as a stray. She was emaciated and had just delivered puppies when the rescue was notified. They literally drove one hour at midnight to pick up Kamari and her little ones. When it came time for her to be spayed, the vet diagnosed her with a severe case of pyometra, a uterine infection. The only way to clear it was to spay her, but her condition was still poor. She spent several days at the vet. We also contributed $300 to her bill.

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