HPAN Helps Miss Sassy Pants with $300

Miss Sassy Pants came to The Stray Connection after Hurricane Irma.  She had a discernible head tilt upon arrival, probably from a ruptured ear drum and/or a long term ear infection. She was one of the lucky cats who was evacuated from a Tampa shelter before the storm hit their area.  Remote Area Medical, based in Rockford, TN, made a special trip to rescue displaced cats. She had a mild ear infection when the rescue first got her that we treated, but her head tilt did not resolve.  Furthermore, over time, she continued to have constant nasal drainage, she has a suspicious bump on the bridge of her nose, and her foster mom felt that she was drinking more water than normal.  All of these factors lead us to the decision to pursue further diagnostics.  HPAN kicked in $300 toward Miss Sassy Pants’ vet bill. She’s worth it!


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