HPAN Sponsors Meds for Shelter Cats and many Spay/Neuters for a Total of $1500

The Loudon County Friends of Animals (LCFOA) is doing miraculous work for needy cats. They asked us for $200 to be used for 10 tubes of Terramycin and $50 for antibiotics for Roane and Rockwood Shelters.  The shelters have a lot of sick kittens with upper respiratory infections.  LCFOA has pulled kittens, pregnant momma cats, momma cats with kittens and adults from four shelters (Loudon, Roane, Rockwood, and Blount) and taken from the community.  They have taken more into foster care than any other year and have 97 currently. Only 27 have been spayed/neutered and are ready for adoption. They asked us for $1,250 to vet some of the remaining cats. Hopefully, adoption fees will fill the remainder of the funds needed. Pictured are some of the babies that are now old enough for surgeries.

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