HPAN Sponsors Pit Bulls with $500

joeyThe East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) has been hammered with medical cases this year. Joey came to them in scraggly condition. You could see the defeat in his face… His skin was a mess. His bones were showing thru the skin.  Worse… he was high positive for heartworms. For six months, they fed him good groceries and supplements to strengthen his immune system and improve his general health. During this time, he was given medicines to stop the growth of the heartworm larvae. Once his overall health was improved, they had him retested and he was still high positive but had no symptoms. Joey received his first treatment in February; he has one treatment to go. We sponsored the remaining cost of $100.

sushiSushi had skin issues, was terribly skinny, and a limp. X-rays show a badly broken elbow with a lot of scar tissue and floating fragments requiring amputation. The estimate for surgery Butler’s is $625; we sponsored $300 of the cost. Anything to help Sushi can be paid to Butler’s Animal Clinic at 865-531-7311.

Lastly, Squeak, a new rescue at EBPBR needed to be spayed, dewormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. We sponsored the cost at $100.



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