HPAN Sponsors Denali’s Surgery with a $300 Donation

East TN Pit Bull Rescue’s Denali was out exercising and taking a potty break when she decided to have an adventure AND JUMPED THE FENCE! Her fosters tried really hard to catch her, but she was FAST! For several days they spent any spare time hunting in the area. One week later, after many searches and social medial posts, Denali was spotted hiding in the bushes! Her fosters left work and headed straight for the location! As soon as Denali heard her foster mom’s voice, she came LIMPING to her. Denali was taken straight to the vet’s office where it was determined she’d been hit by a car and sustained a seriously broken elbow. Surgery was in order with an orthopedic specialist, which isn’t cheap. This ordeal is costing the rescue $2,500. We chipped in a little to reduce the burden.



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