HPAN Helps Phoenix “Rise from the Ashes” to a Better Life

Phoenix is a one year old female dog found roaming the Swan Pond Road area of Harriman. A poor but caring family fed her and reached out to Roane County Paws who took Phoenix in and had her vaccinated at Admiral Veterinary Hospital on July 9 prior to placing her in a foster home. She also received a flea preventative, a fecal, a heart worm test (negative!), and Strongid. She was diagnosed with an infection of her uterus, Pyometra, which is a uterine infection requiring a more intensive spay surgery. We contributed $300 to the bill of just over $400. This girl is the perfect example of “saved in the nick of time!”



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Helping hurting, homeless and hungry animals in the Anderson County, TN area.
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