HPAN Pays $263.85 for Anya’s Care

Six-month-old Anya was brought into the shelter in frail condition. The Secret City Animal Rescue (SCAR) pulled her to foster care in an effort to save her. She was pulling her hair out, extremely thin, now 4 lbs, and not eating. They have painstakingly tried every food including home cooked special concoctions, baby food, high calorie and quality food, and goat milk. She was taken to Oak Ridge vet where they have done tests, bloodwork, antibiotics, steroids, x-rays, etc. Her heart is racing. They do not understand, unless it is stress, what is going on with her. We believe she should be given a chance at a quality life, so when SCAR asked us to help pay for her vet services, we were happy to help.



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