HPAN Assists ARI with a Cat in Need

Panther Kitty was a “community cat” for years in a West Knoxville apartment complex. He had regulars who left food out for him as well as a few long term residents who would let him inside when the weather was particularly bad. The rest of the time he roamed and sheltered on patios and behind furniture outside. He was a part of the community as long as anyone can remember.

Recently, one of his caretakers noticed that Panther Kitty’s face was swollen and contacted At Risk Intervention asking for help. It took a few days, but she was able to coax Panther into her car and then into a carrier. She took him the vet for evaluation.

The news was mixed. Panther was brought up to date on his vaccines, and he was already neutered; however, the swelling on his face looked ominous. The vet prescribed a week of antibiotics, but said she was concerned that it might be an aggressive cancer. She asked for him to come back in a week. A week later, Panther looked considerably worse, was having trouble eating, and was in pain. They decided to do the right thing at that time and end his misery. HPAN assisted with the rescue’s expenses in caring for Panther Kitty.


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