HPAN Helps Martin with $300

Martin came to the Blount County shelter from a horrible situation. The home was known for domestic violence, and the woman and children went to a shelter to live.  They called AC to go back and get Martin, but when they arrived, he was gone. He was found several days later out in the county where they knew he was dumped.

Martin has something going on with a salivary gland.  It has been drained, and it is again filled with fluid. He is on antibiotics. Sadly, Martin also has a Grade 3 medial patella luxation in one of his knees. He will require surgery. Homeward Bound Dog Rescue paid for the exam and the x-rays, and he has been neutered. Martin is still a puppy, is extremely sweet, and loves other dogs and children. He is very tolerant of all the things the vet has done with him and deserves every opportunity for a happy life, so they took him into their rescue. Both surgeries needed will cost $500. We contributed $300.



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