HPAN Assists ARI with Kennel Needs

At Risk Intervention (ARI), a local non-profit, operates what they call the “Waystation,” which is a short-term rescue for at-risk dogs. The dogs stay at the Waystation until they can be transported to a breed rescue or other rescue. The Waystation often has a dozen or so dogs in their space. They reached out to us to help them purchase some rubber mats for their kennels. The mats are necessary to insulate from drafts and prevent debris from getting wedged in the cracks.  Because the mats are black, they also retain heat, keeping the area warmed and preventing water from freezing in most temperatures. One 6×4 and one 4×4 stall mat are needed for each kennel, and each kennel is responsible for saving around 36 dogs per year, since an average dog’s stay is 10 days. They needed, and we bought seven mats for a total of $185. Yes, we’d say this was a worthy investment!


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