HPAN Assists Wayward Plotts with $200 in Boarding Costs

Ward is a male Plott hound currently in the care of Wayward Plotts. He was an owner surrender to a shelter in North Carolina after his family lost their home and were forced to give him up. At the time he was pulled, his aggression towards other dogs in the home was unknown but soon became apparent after fights with other dogs in his first foster home. He was then fostered separate from other dogs at a different foster home and did very well, but a veterinary emergency with one of the new foster’s personal dogs meant that the separation was no longer possible, and, as a suitable dog-free foster could not be found within a few days, Ward was moved to emergency boarding. He has been in boarding for over a month as Wayward Plotts has searched endlessly for a foster or adopter who doesn’t already have a dog. Unfortunately, these are hard to come by, as most folks in the rescue world looking to foster already have a dog, and Wayward Plotts is not typically the first stop for a dog-free family looking to adopt. Ward does have a pending adoption with an adopter in Florida; however, transport cannot happen until December 17th. Thus, boarding bills continue to rack up, and the “perfect” dog has ended up being one of Wayward Plotts’ biggest monetary outflows. He’s a stellar dog aside from the dog aggression issue inside the home and will make his potential adopter a wonderfully loyal and affectionate friend.

HPAN paid $200 to a local boarding facility to ease this burden on Wayward Plotts.



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