HPAN Sponsors Ebenezer’s Heartworm Treatment with a $250 Donation

The Labrador Retriever Rescue of East Tennessee (LRRET) was contacted on August 30 about a Facebook post regarding a chocolate Labrador that had shown up as a stray in a neighborhood. The lab was in poor shape. The family had been feeding him for two weeks, but they could not keep him or get him to the vet. They had looked for his family (no tags or microchip) and had no luck. The post asked for help. A volunteer picked Ebenezer up on Monday, August 31 and took him directly to the rescue’s vet. He was extremely underweight and covered in fleas. He was bathed, treated for fleas, given an exam, and basic blood work. He was heartworm positive. He had been neutered previously. Ebenezer was so underweight the vet would not vaccinate him until he was in better shape. He was picked up by his foster family on Sept 2. He weighed 74 lbs and should have been close to 90 lbs. After two weeks he had put on enough weight for vaccines, and the vet said he would be strong enough for heartworm treatment in October, so we were called on to help. Be well, Ebenezer!



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