HPAN Assists “Mysterious” Shelter Cat

Mystery is a little black kitty who just appeared at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. No one knows where she came from, and there was no intake registration on her. She was found hiding and terrified in the director’s office. During the July 4th holiday, volunteers noticed that Mystery was very lethargic and extremely sick. A local vet gave her fluids to save her from severe dehydration and began treatment for a terrible upper respiratory infection. A wonderful foster stepped up to take Mystery to the vet, care for her at home, and monitor her carefully over the holiday. He and another foster tried in vain to feed Mystery, but by the next day she had lost her swallow reflex, and she began to crash. They rushed her to the ER vet where she received additional treatment. Mystery was transferred to the Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital on the following Monday where they examined, hospitalized, and kept her on IV and a feeding tube. She is now home with her foster and finally eating like a little piglet after much coaxing and patience. Volunteers didn’t give up on her, and neither will we, which is why we contributed the requested $224 to her vet bill. Every life matters; every one.

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