HPAN Assists Elsie with $300

Elsie the pittie was recently rescued from her owner.  She is a smiling, happy ten-year-old with Cushing’s disease.  She is otherwise very healthy, and her Cushing’s is well managed with medicine.  The owner adopted her in July 2014 from a high kill shelter in New York.  Although the owner initially meant well, Elsie was never properly socialized with her other dogs.  Because of this, she was kept separate from the three other dogs in the home at all times.  The owner is a former “rescuer” that grew weary of keeping her separate and decided to have Elsie euthanized because the owner did not want her anymore.  This person’s veterinarian had already agreed to convenience kill Elsie, and there was an appointment scheduled to do so the following Saturday.  When this came to the attention of a Blount County rescue, they intervened as quickly as possible and reached out to us for help with her Cushing’s medications, annual exam, and boosters. Gladly, we say!


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