HPAN Sponsors Three Shelter “Fraidy Cats”

We have seen the Friends of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (FORAS) take on a huge endeavor to place and rehabilitate feral cats that come to the shelter. Some have turned into great pets; others are great barn cats. One FORAS member and kitty rescuer has paid most of the fees for the barn cats and placed them, but she asked for help with three, Cinder, Jesse, and Ratatatcat. These three kitties would have little chance of survival without financial assistance.  The fact is most people aren’t going to pay a $110 adoption fee for a feral cat. HPAN paid $225 to have the cats combo tested and is paying for remaining vet services if the tests are negative. This will ensure they are adopted to great homes with barns. Every life matters… every one.

Cinder, Jesse, Ratatatcat

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