HPAN Sends $1000 to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue for 2 Large Litters of Puppies

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) recently opened up their rescue to take in two litters of shelter puppies. One litter of eight puppies was surrendered by the owners when HBDR was made aware that the mother and her 4-week old babies were in subfreezing weather with inadequate shelter. The owners wouldn’t give up the mother dog, so with the help of a lactating dog whose pups had just been sent to HBDR’s New York rescue, feeding the puppies wasn’t a problem. The second litter is from Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. Kali was taken to the shelter very pregnant and, thankfully, taken into foster care to have her babies – 12 of them! HBDR agreed to pull them into rescue as soon as they’re weaned. They’re taking care of all vetting the puppies will need. Our donation is assisting with exams, shots, dewormer, spay/neuter, etc. before all 20 puppies are sent to their freedom ride in New York!



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