HPAN Helps Blossom Get Well

Blossom has been with the East TN Pit Bull Rescue (ETPBR) for just over a year. She came to them without a hair on her body and a raging skin infection. They have spent a year getting her skin cleared and her beautiful hair grown back. Blossom made a near-fatal mistake recently and ate a large portion of a fleece blanket. A trip to Animal ER saved her life as she was ordered into emergency surgery, where part of her bowel had to be removed. Today, two days post-surgery, Blossom is walking, eating, and drinking normally. Her life was spared, but at an expense of about $2,000. HPAN kicked in $500 to help this worthy rescue. They have taken some hard hits lately with medical issues. When we help them, they can help more dogs. Yes, it was our pleasure.




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