HPAN Assists New Morgan County Rescue

There isn’t an animal shelter in Morgan County, Tennessee, but there sure is a stray animal problem!  Thankfully, the Morgan County Animal Coalition (MCAC) of TN has emerged with a great group of volunteers to combat this problem and serve as a rescue as best they can with no governmental support.  MCAC has applied for non-profit status and hosts fundraisers from time to time.  They work their tails off and do the best they can.  In the few months they’ve been in existence, MCAC has managed to rescue several dogs and cats and have them vetted and placed in loving foster or forever homes.  The rescue recently took on two emaciated stray dogs, Sweetie and Baja, but they had no money to provide the needed vet care and altering surgeries.  This is when HPAN stepped in to help.  We provided the funds needed ($280) for these services.  Now, these great dogs can be placed in loving homes without fear of starvation and neglect.


Sweetie and Baja


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