HPAN Supports Local Cat Rescue

Feral Feline Friends of East Tennessee has arranged for the spaying/neutering/testing/vaccinating of over 1,200 feral cats so far this year.  Some of those cats have been trapped/neutered/vaccinated/released, and some have been placed in loving homes.  It costs, on average, $67 to perform these services on each cat.  With the onslaught of kittens this season, we thought it would be nice to help their efforts, so we sent a $500 payment to Animal Works, the spay/neuter clinic providing these services for them.  So that’s roughly 7-8 cats that will not be able to contribute to the cat overpopulation problem.  SUCCESS!



About Helping Paws Animal Network

Helping hurting, homeless and hungry animals in the Anderson County, TN area.
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