HPAN Sponsors Boarding for Rescued German Shepherd

A volunteer with the German Shepherd Rescue of East Tennessee (GSRET) pulled Mya from the shelter April 3, because her time was running out, and she was at risk of being euthanized. They had cattested her at the shelter (the volunteer has three cats), and she seemed to be fine with them. Fast forward a few weeks, and it turns out that once Mya got comfortable in the home, she decided that she wanted to chase the cats. GSRET ended up having to move her to boarding since they are short on available foster homes at this time. Mya is being boarded at Catatoga Kennels in Knoxville at $11.00 a day and has been there since 4/24/14. Her boarding bill will be nearing $400 soon. HPAN paid for half of this unexpected expense and donated $200 to Catatoga Kennels.


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