$500 Ordered Up for Two Dogs and Five Puppies

Jazz was very pregnant when Homeward Bound Dog Rescue (HBDR) was approached about rescuing her from a bad situation.  Evidently, Jazz had been dumped and found her way to a house begging for food.  The homeowner didn’t want her around and was seen actually kicking Jazz to make her leave.  Thankfully, a dog lover found out about it and got Jazz into rescue two days before she delivered five puppies.  So far, HBDR has spent over $100 on Jazz’s vet care.  Plans are to have her spayed and vaccinated, along with plans to also have the puppies vetted.  All this will cost in the hundreds of dollars, even at rescue prices.

April is another dog recently rescued by HBDR.  They recently pulled eight dogs from the Blount County Animal Shelter and sent seven to their New York rescue, but April has heartworms and was not eligible for the transport.  The cost for her treatments is going to run $300.

HPAN felt that a $500 donation to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue would be prudent in light of all the work they’re doing for homeless dogs and all the costs they’ve incurred as a result.

Pregnant Jazz





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