HPAN Helps Horse Haven

Horse Haven of Tennessee has been hit hard since March 8th when they took on seven neglected Union County, TN horses (eight if you count the one not born yet). Many of them were sick or had body sores and were taken to UT Veterinary School for treatment. Getting the horses back into good condition is going to be one long and expensive endeavor. As if things couldn’t get worse, a few days later they were forced to close and quarantine their horses when some came down with a respiratory sickness. We thought a $500 donation would help them a little.

Horse Haven


About Helping Paws Animal Network

Helping hurting, homeless and hungry animals in the Anderson County, TN area.

2 responses to “HPAN Helps Horse Haven”

  1. Kristi says :

    I am so happy to be a part of this organization!!!!!

  2. Sonja Cowsert says :

    Thank you so much for your generous donation to Horse Haven! It is much appreciated.

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