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HPAN recently sent $400 to a SAFER (Safety Assessment For Evaluation Rehoming) tester who provides services to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter for local rescues like Angels for Anderson County Animals.  This fee will pay for one month’s services.  SAFER testing is described in detail below (taken from, but essentially it is a validation on whether or not a dog is suitable for adoption.  It is a fact that SAFER testing helps percentages of adoptions.  Yogi is one of several slated for the next SAFER test.  He’s such a good boy!


The SAFER Test focuses on learned behaviors, sensitivities, and problem solving. This test provides shelter staff with the ability to evaluate a dog’s behavior accurately and efficiently improving the chances that the adopted dog will remain in his new home.

The SAFER Test process:
o    The Stare Test gives clues regarding the dominance and submission of an animal.
o    The Sensitivity Test assesses social skills, sensitivity levels and level of fear.
o    The Tag Test determines dominance aggression and fear aggression.
o    The Pinch Test determines sensitivity, dominance and lack of bite inhibition.
o    The Food Aggression Test determines food aggression
o    Dog-to-Dog Aggression Test determines sociability with other dogs

The SAFER Test uses standard grades A through F. A dog’s grade is the lowest grade received on any portion of the test.
o    A & B dogs are easily adoptable.
o    C & D dogs may need behavior modification or be only appropriate for experienced owners.
o    F dogs are clearly unsafe dogs and not made available for adoption.


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