HPAN Helps New Homeward Bound Family with a Donation of $500

Molly was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. Several of her roommates died from Parvo or from being attacked by aggressive unaltered males also living there. Molly was strong enough to survive Parvo. She was pulled from the home and was slated for transport to rescue, but she looked pregnant. Her pregnancy was confirmed, which meant she was not eligible for transport. It was thought that she was carrying 3-4 puppies. Thankfully, a volunteer agreed to foster her until her puppies were born and weaned, and a rescue stepped in to help.  Homeward Bound Dog Rescue agreed to take the dogs into rescue as soon as they were weaned and vetted.   At that time, we were called to see if funds could be set aside for their vetting. In November, Molly delivered nine puppies! The pups are doing great, and it’s time to get them vetted.  The estimated cost for their care is $1,400. We gladly paid $500 directly to McArthur Animal Hospital in Oak Ridge where they are accepting contributions. Soon the pups will be on their way to a New York rescue where they’ll be placed in loving homes.

Below is a picture of Molly pregnant with her nine puppies!

Molly full of pups

Homeward Bound Puppies!

Homeward Bound Puppies

Below is one of the puppies pictured at two months old.

HB Pup 1 at two months


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