HPAN Helps Cassie get Well Again

Our local animal rescue community put out a plea to help Cassie.  Cassie was rescued from the Loudon County Animal Shelter by a dog rescue in 2012 and put in foster care.  Cassie’s life has been anything but easy.  She had scars and a notch out of her ear indicating mistreatment, and she’s had and been treated for heartworms.  Yet, she is the sweetest girl!  Cassie has been sick recently.  All the blood work, medicine, x-rays, hospitalization, etc. have totaled over $980.  We voted to kick in $300 and make a payment directly to Broadway Veterinary Clinic toward Cassie’s charges.  We are told she is expected to make a full recovery.  Donations are still being accepted at 865-687-2651.




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Helping hurting, homeless and hungry animals in the Anderson County, TN area.
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