Cheeto Needs Help – HPAN Steps In

When Helping Paws Animal Network heard about this poor baby, we contributed $200 towards his care. Here is the story as it came to us…

cheetoCheeto was discarded on the side of the road like trash. Many drove right past him, assuming he was dead until a kind soul saw him lift his head ever so slightly and stopped. He was rushed to the emergency vet, where it was determined he could be stabilized. He has a very heavy parasite load, very underweight, and dehydrated. He is missing a lot of hair and his coat and skin are a mess from mange left untreated for quite some time. His person just didn’t do anything right for this poor guy, but thanks to the good Samaritan and Blount County Humane Society he has brighter days ahead. Cheeto will be available for adoption once he is healthy again.

Will you share Cheeto’s story and donate towards his care?


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