The Dogs’ Inn

The owner/operator of The Dogs’ Inn, a boarding facility in Kingston, often times finds herself fostering dogs (sometimes short-term, sometimes long-term) at her own expense.  In her neighborhood, there was a dog owner who allowed her dog to breed and have puppies a couple times per year.  When she noticed yet another litter, she visited the dog owner and politely asked if she could have the puppies and take the mother dog in for spaying.  The owner agreed.  That’s when The Dogs’ Inn called HPAN asking if we could help purchase dog food for the puppies for one month until they’re transported to rescue.  All puppies will be spayed/neutered before being adopted. HPAN sent The Dogs’ Inn $150 for the purchase of puppy food.  Success!

Dogs' Inn pupsThis picture is of the puppies on their way to boarding.


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