HPAN recently sent Loudon County Friends of Animals (LCFOA) a $250 donation to help with their efforts to curb the overpopulation of cats at the Loudon County Shelter.  Last year by offering $25 off the adoption fees for ALL kittens, they saved over 125 kittens from being euthanized.  They’re currently gearing up a community effort to educate and assist those who habitually let their cats have litters and litters of kittens that end up being brought to the shelter time after time.  Additionally, they’re starting up a Feral Project where they trap feral cats who are breeding at apartment complexes and trailer parks.  Once trapped, the cats are taken to the vet for spaying/neutering and vaccinations and then released back to their colonies.  One thing is for sure, LCFOA works tirelessly to get to the root of the problem and HPAN is proud to support!


Pictured is Pandora, one of the cats captured at the apartment complex.  Pandora has one eye and was missing some teeth.  LCFOA found her a wonderful home.


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