Rockwood Cats

One of our network supporters shared a news article, featured on, about a feral cat problem in Rockwood and asked if HPAN could do anything to help.  We called the Rockwood Animal Control Officer and asked how we could best assist.  He explained the problem, confirmed that the cats were being fed with donated food from Wal-Mart, and said the real problem was that he was short on traps needed to catch the cats and take them in for spay/neutering, vaccines, etc.  The Rockwood city shelter is short on space, and they do not have a staffed veterinarian, so when funds are available, they use Planned Pethood in Harriman for altering and basic vaccines.  The officer put us into contact with a volunteer with the Second Chance K-9 Rescue, who happens to live in Rockwood.  She agreed to check on the price of two cat cages, purchase them from Tractor Supply with our funds, and deliver them to the Rockwood Shelter for us!  In addition to buying two cages, we donated $100 to Planned Pethood, designated specifically for the spaying/neutering/vaccines for the Rockwood cats.

Rockwood Cat

Mission accomplished!


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