Buddy (Luke)

Buddy was riddled with ticks and fleas. He was a stray who followed a rescuer’s neighbor home. They tried to find his family but couldn’t locate them.

Sadly, the neighbor’s husband was abusive to Buddy. The wife and son washed him and of course, like any dog, afterward he found the mulch in their landscaping and rolled around. The dad got mad and threw him. It also appears that the dad was kicking him, as his stomach is swollen and bruised. The rescuer (Laura) took him home and is working to find him a home. Laura’s son orginally named him Luke, but that got confusing as his own name is Jacob Luke. Since he is such a buddy to Jacob, Laura renamed him Buddy.

Buddy’s teeth are in good shape. By their condition, Melissa, one of our sponsored rescues estimates that he is about a 1 ½ old. Laura took him to Dr. Butler and HPAN paid $135 for vaccinations, vet care and neuter. Buddy is a sweet, sweet boy who likes to be with people and cuddle. He is active and loves to run. He is great company and loves children. A long term foster or forever home is needed for Buddy.

4/25/11 Buddy is staying with Laura, the lady who rescued him. Her children, Hannah, Logan and Jacob are very attached to Buddy, as he is to them. This is a happy ending for Buddy! He can’t stop wagging his tail!


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