BossBoss was a very sick puppy whose owner couldnt afford to take him to the vet. He had a brother Spyro who was just as sick. The owner called one of our sponsored rescuers to help him. She advised the owner to immediately take them both to Anderson Co Vet, leave them in the car and have someone come out and test them for parvo. It was definitely parvo, so she asked them to sign a release to transfer ownership to her so that she could have them treated.

Poor Spyro was so dehydrated that the vet couldn’t get an IV in him. Boss was doing okay and even tried to eat. Sadly, Spyro didnt make it through the night.  However Boss is doing well and should pull through with a few days in ISO with fluids and antibiotics.

The treatment will be expensive but he deserves to make it. If anyone can help,  AC animal hospital will take donations to cover his care. Once he is well he will be looking for a great family to offer him the life he deserves. Contact Melissa White at or 865-806-2269. For donations AC Vet is 865-457-5626.

HPAN donated $100 to to help Boss recover from his illness.



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