Angie the Redtick Hound


Betsy Ellis rescued Angie from the Loudon County Animal Shelter before she became a statistic. Unfortunately she has heartworms. Angie is a wonderfully natured dog, but she doesn’t like cats and when she attacked one of Betsy’s, another foster had to be found. Betsy asked if HPAN could help with her treatments. We have been in touch with the current foster. HPAN helped cover $250 for Angie’s treatment.

Angie is a sweet female redtick hound. She is gentle and friendly with all the dogs she has met and with the 2 female dogs in our home – both under 25 pounds. She is crate trained and has never had an accident in her crate or in the house. She has learned the basics of how to walk on a leash and is learning basic commands. She appears to be a quick learner and doesn’t bark or howl very much.



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