From our sponsored rescuer: Melissa White, “Sweet Molly, (pictured below) a momma Walker Hound came to me through a classmate of my youngest daughter Vanessa. Lucas, a young animal lover himself found Molly and her babies while working on his uncle’s farm in Rutledge. Molly had moved her pups many times from place to place trying to care for them the best that she could during this time. Two of the babies died. Although she took the best care of the babies, no one was caring for her. She came to me very malnourished and desperately needing some TLC. I found a home in Atlanta for Molly with an amazing family and now her babies, Willow, Dodger, Hogan, and Trip are searching for homes as well. Thanks to Helping Paws for donating the money to have the Walkers vetted so they can be happy and healthy.”

Molly is pictured below with one of her puppies, Hogan.



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