Kitten M/Hobbes

Kitten M was abandoned in the Kitten Mparking lot at Wal-Mart in Oak Ridge on a day when it was extremely hot. He appeared to be 8-10 weeks old and was panting very hard and seemed to be dying from heat and dehydration (if he didn’t get run over first). Deborah Grubb couldn’t just let him die, so she took him, even though her apartment has a very strict no-animal policy, hoping she could find him a home quickly.  A few days later, Sophia Kitts took him in from Deborah since she couldn’t keep him at her apartment.  At first,  he was so terrified when she gave him to her that he was shaking uncontrollably. He very quickly warmed up to Sophia and stole her heart, too.  He’s a very sweet  boy and craves human attention.

Sophia fostered him briefly until Janet Kile took him to foster until a new forever family was located. During his stays with Deborah and Sophia, Kitten M got a new name – Hobbes – and a new confidence in himself from the love he received.

From Janet: “Hobbes is an absolute delight and while I am not ready to admit he has found his forever home (I have 6 other cats), I am not looking very hard for it!”

“Like all little boys, he can get into things quicker than you can blink! Which is what he did one day when he managed to climb up into my chimney flue! For a little guy that always comes when called, this time he was not the least interested in abandoning the cool spot he had found to play in. I did finally manage to coax him to a position where I could grab him, but by that time he was black, both my arms were black, and the clothes I was wearing were black. He did not especially like the bath that followed!”

Please contact Janet Kile if you are ready for a sweet, mischievous boy who wants to love you and be loved.


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    Anyone interested in adopting Hobbes can contact Janet at

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