Mikey before careMikey was attacked in his owner’s back yard by their other dog. Both dogs were starving and a fight ensued after someone threw road kill to them.  A caring passerby saw the extent of Mikey’s condition and reported it to one of our sponsored rescuers who graciously stepped up to help by asking the owners if they would surrender Mikey to her. Thankfully they did, and she took him to the vet for treatment.  This picture only shows part of his injuries; there are worse pictures of this poor boy that are too graphic to post.

Mikey is still in the hospital; the vet says he’s making progress and will recover in due time. HPAN donated $150 toward his care.

3/19/2012  Mikey is now doing great and has been a bit of a star with some local teens and adults. Mikey is such a happy boy now, but has a little trouble going very far from his food bowl.  Since living his life with very little food, he is overjoyed to have food on a regular basis now.Mikey after

Mikey is looking for a foster family to get him out of boarding, he is ready to be adopted and will definitely bring a lot of happiness to some family’s life. He gets along with other dogs and loves all people.

The picture of him below with the teens was taken at Clinton High school with the BARK club. This club was  formed to promote awareness about animal cruelty and raise funds to help abused or neglected pets. They donated to help cover Mikey’s vet bills, a very amazing group of young adults!

Mikey with BARK

Contact Melissa at a7mwhite@yahoo.com or 865-806-2269.



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